Monday, May 2, 2011


I have been obsessed with Pocahontas since I was, oh three years old. I have been Pocahontas umteenth times for halloween, including this past one! I did a little bit of modeling last year and got to do a shoot for a local designer's website (check her out, she's AWESOME: Rachelle Briton) in which I was styled as a Native American. I even went to a reservation as a child and told the nice lady who made my necklace, that I was in fact, Pocahontas. She didn't question me, a little white girl, one bit, and made me a necklace with a "P" on it! My favorite color has always been, and will always be aquamarine and turquoise. And I see many more Pocahontas halloweens in my future!

Anyways! Feather hair extensions are super popular in Austin...


 So whenever I finally decided to get some of my own, I added some turquoise/ aquamarine feathers to allude to my favorite Disney Princess!


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