Friday, April 29, 2011

The Story of Growing Out My Pixie Cut

I DID IT! Finally! I mean, it's still really short, but the pixie cut is gone and over! Okay, so I thought I would share a photo journal I kept of the long and painful process. But first, I just want to have a disclaimer letting everyone know that I am not proud of how I look during the process, that I know it's unattractive, and frankly I don't care because it's over :) So to all you struggling in the process, I know sometimes you wonder if it will ever grow.. and it will! Here ya go...

Before the cut..

Hiding the shorter front pieces by pining them back. I wore this look for at least a couple months..

Hair Extensions! I wore these maybe three times..


 Is is there yet??? Nope..

Hats were totally my best friend.

 This was probably my favorite way to wear my hair...

Second round of hair extensions! Just front pieces this time...

Pony Tail!

Mullet :\

Is it long enough now?? Maybe...




  1. How long was the process? because I'm doing the same thing, I cut my hair in jan-25-2011 and now I'm thinking about getting the Bob haircut.

  2. yeah, how long did it take from around about the "is it there yet?.. nope" photo? So curious, because that's around about where I am now. It's killing me, it tell you. yours looks really good by the end!

  3. So annoying. I feel the pain. I am always seeing how long it is. I am looking like BIeber! Lol. Oh well, it will get there soon enough.

  4. I'm in the process of growing again also. I have gotten so frustrated in the past many attempts that I always end up cutting it again. I am so determined this time, I deleted my hairstylist number from my phone! Yours looks great, short also and I get lots of compliments as well, but I want a change.