Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Catastrophe Cosmetic

Okay, so I went to Lush today to show my friend Charissa my new favorite store and decided that I wanted to try the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask, but they were all out. But not to fear! I got a hefty free sample that provided a nice thick mask, of which I am currently wearing. I wish I could say it is a glorious experience but I put it on right when I got home (so I didn't let it chill in the fridge). That combined with the fact that it is blazing hot in Texas and I live on the 3rd floor and sweat even with the A.C. at full blast, makes a heavy mask on my face less than refreshing. (It's not so bad if I fan my face with a magazine). I'll be back with a description of the mask and a review after I wash this off...
Fresh blueberries are rich in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation and act as a mild antiseptic. Soothing chamomile, Irish moss and almond oil work with the gentle cleansing action of calamine to save your skin.
Ingredients: Calamine Powder, Talc, Irish Moss Gel, Fresh Blueberries, Glycerine, Almond Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Sweet Wild Orange Oil 
 Okay, so what I loved about this product is that its a purply blue color and has little pieces of actual blueberries in it. I also loved how easily it applied to my face. It went on super smooth, especially compared to my BB Seaweed and Magnaminty masks. As smooth as it went on, it was even smoother to take off. There was no scrubbing involved... it kind of just.. melted off. WONDERFUL. I also liked how it brightened my skin and removed *most* of the redness. It also left my skin super soft, but this isn't anything surprising, it is a Lush product after all.

What I did not like about it is that it did not do what I was hoping to do. I still have a few breakouts while my skin care products are pulling out all the toxins, and they tend to be really sensitive and get red really easily. I was really hoping that this mask would calm them down and pull the redness out. While it did calm them a bit, it did not eliminate the redness. Boo. Also, while the mask did remove all other traces of red and leave my face nice and white, it was kind of a dull white. Almost as if I put a too-light powder all over my face. This is probably due to the talc in the mask.

Overall, I am actually really glad I ended up with a free sample instead of purchasing the mask. I got to try it out and didn't have to waste my money doing so. I do really like the mask, but the immediate effects just aren't worth it. On the other hand, if my skin is magically clear in the morning.....

While still dedicated to my BB Seaweed Mask, the next mask I would like to try out is the Ayesha mask...

Spellbinding ingredients to smooth away wrinkles. Lasts long enough for a magical evening. Tightening and absorbent clays, deeply effective asparagus, vitamin rich kiwi fruit, bewitching elderflower and witch hazel leave the skin radiant, relaxed and refreshed.
Ingredients: Fullers Earth, Honey; Elderflower and Limeflower Decoction , Glycerine, Fresh Asparagus, Fresh Kiwi Fruit, Kaolin, Witch Hazel Extract, Rose Absolute, Rosemary Oil, Patchouli Oil, Elderflower Vinegar, Bentonite Gel
 While my 20 year old skin doesn't quite have wrinkles or lines yet, I would love to try out the radiant, relaxed, and refreshed skin effects! I have read that it shrinks pores and leaves skin super duper smooth. Yes please! Lush masks are so great because they have eight(?) different ones that serve different purposes and they are only $6 each and last three weeks, so they are super affordable and fun to try :)


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