Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips to Clear(er) Skin

I have been on the hunt for the cure for my acne since I was in middle school. And now that I am in my twenties, I am equally interested in finding that perfect anti-aging product to slow the process down as much as possible. The problem is that usually, these products are extreme opposites. Acne treatments dry out your skin, which ages you faster, whereas anti-aging products are extremely moisturizing and can sometimes clog your pores. Whenever I found these serums, I actually hoped they wouldn't work because they were so expensive. But then, when they rapidly started clearing my skin as well as preventing any new blemishes in a matter of days, I was hooked. I justified the price by considering the thousands of dollars I have undoubtedly spent seeking the "miracle" product and failing. At least my money is going towards something that works instead of something I'll never use again. It is also far cheaper than my last resort treatment of acutane that I have been considering.

These serums alone won't be a cure-all for your acne, but combined in a regimen suitable for your skin, they can be extremely powerful. I realized recently that my skin doesn't break out because it's oily, it breaks out because its very sensitive. Not cleaning it makes it break out, over cleaning it makes it break out... It seemed like there was no answer. I tried Lush skincare, thinking all natural would be perfect for my sensitive skin. Although Lush makes great, beautiful products, they were still too harsh FOR ME. If they work for you, stick with them! I love Lush and still use their bath, body, and hair products. I have found that the all natural line specifically designed for sensitive skin at Origins works incredibly for my skin. I now use that line's makeup remover, cream cleanser, and face cream. I use the organics line purifying toner though, which is a little drying, but gets my skin super clean before using the serums. It was a free sample, so I might try a gentler toner after I finish this one.

Also, before jumping into the serums, I want to emphasize the importance of asking for samples before you buy a product. Another option is look for free, travel sized products that come with a full size purchase. Those are great for trying things out without committing to the cost. I have wasted so much money over the years buying products I hoped would work, when I could've saved all that trouble by just asking for samples! Never buy anything you haven't sampled! Plus, its really fun to try different products :) I sampled the moisturizer I used now, and have enough free cream to last me a whole week. I had time to figure out if it would break me out or not (NOT), and see any benefits (LOTS). I also sampled my cleanser (important! sometimes cleansers are the break out culprit, not the moisturizer!). And I also sampled the serums.. and fell in love...they achieve exactly what they claim. I will say a few things about each before I start..

Idealist: This makes your skin feel SO beautiful, I can't even explain it. It works under your moisturizer and makeup to protect and perfect your skin during the day.

Advanced Night Repair: This is the real star. This calms your skin like none other and when you wake up in the morning, you'll hardly recognize yourself. I had the worst breakouts I have had in a long time (thanks to waxing my eyebrows), and within a couple of days, my skin is now free of any new blemishes and my existing ones are healing ridiculously fast.

In the Morning: Idealist

At Night:


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  1. Thanks for the review, I'm in the same boat as you and have always wanted to try Estee Lauder... I think I just might! I used to work at Walgreen's and we would give out samples at the beauty counter, but so many people don't know to ask about them or even go over there! It is so helpful! xoxo