Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Minute Face

I was rushing out the door this morning and needed to do my makeup super quick, and realized I have a go-to regimen whenever I don't have 15 minutes to do my usual face of makeup. Here's what I do in 5 easy steps!

1. Concealer: Most days I use three concealers: under eye circle corrector, powder concealer to set the corrector, and blemish concealer. But on days whenever I am pressed for time, I use my powder concealer for everything.

2. Powder Foundation: Normally, I use both a liquid foundation and a mineral powder foundation as a setting powder. To shorten this two step process into one, I use my powder foundation with my new favorite brush, Sonia Kashuk's Flat Top Multi-Purpose Brush, which magically leaves a medium to full coverage without looking the least bit cakey. (I am actually starting to prefer powder foundation with this brush to my usual liquid, then powder technique).

3. Blush: For face color, usually I contour my cheeks with a bronzer and then apply blush. If you have to cut product, cut the bronzer. Never cut the blush! It really wakes your face up and leaves you looking healthy. Use a blush that isn't terribly pigmented so you don't have to be super careful applying and waste precious moments blending when you could just sweep it across your cheeks without much of a second glance.

4. Eyeshadow: Eyes are where I spend the most time doing my makeup, and rightfully so. On any given day I'll probably be wearing eye primer, cream eyeshadow, and three colors of pressed eye shadow. Most people suggest a cream eyeshadow for when you are in a rush, since it will act as both a primer and a color, but that just doesn't work for me. I am one of those people who need a crease color or else I look washed out. To use one color from my lashes to my crease takes that perfect color. Frankly, shimmery colors leave me too shiny fror my own good, light colors leave me washed out, and dark colors leave me looking like I'm trying (and failing) to create a smokey eye. I need a nice matte taupe color, which I have yet to find in a creme shade. Also, creams need to be blended out pretty well, and I find it faster to sweep a pressed shadow across my lids and crease with my fingers to be much faster and easier. But, using a pressed shadow does mean using a primer, but that takes all of 5 seconds.

4 1/2. Eye liner: This is an optional step. A lot of people look fine skipping the eyeliner on occasion, but my particular eye shape needs a little boosting, so I don't skip the liner. However, instead of using my usual super black gel liner with a brush, I just use a dark brown pencil liner. Pencil liners are faster, and since the brown color isn't too much of a contrast from the shadow I'm wearing, I don't have to be as precise.

5. Mascara: The last and most important step is mascara. Typically I'll curl them and add 3-4 coats, but simply curling them with one coat is perfectly satisfactory. Just don't skip curling, or you'll find yourself wanting extra, time consuming coats.


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